By Charles Sowell  

MAY 11, 2012 8:40 a.m. Comments (50)

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Three members of the troubled Greenville Disabilities and Special Needs Board have resigned, two of them citing harassment by board Chairwoman Roxie Kincannon and her son, Columbia lawyer Todd Kincannon, in their letters of resignation.

Maureen Kriese and former board secretary Judith Gibson resigned on May 2; Maggi Bailey filed her resignation on May 3.

Roxie and Todd Kincannon visited the Journal’s offices on Wednesday for a two-hour session to discuss the resignation letters, allegations of harassment and the state of the agency since the firing of former executive director Brent Parker and hiring of Patrick Haddon as interim director.

The two also discussed dozens of Freedom of Information requests Todd Kincannon said he filed with county DSN boards around the state in the name of state Rep. Eric Bikas, demanding years of information concerning Chris Clark, author of a critical audit and management letter directed at the Greenville DSN board. Additionally, Kincannon filed FOIs for information on former GCDSN director Brent Parker, former board member Kriese and others.

Kincannon said he filed the requests to give Clark and others a taste of “what it feels like” to come under pressure over actions taken during the past couple of years and to correct errors he said were contained in Clark’s October 2011 management letter. He also said he anticipates filing legal actions for his clients: Roxie Kincannon, former board Chairwoman Connie Holmes and board member Vena Lease.

The resignation letters of Gibson and Bailey were provided to the Journal by county officials.

In her resignation letter to Gov. Nikki Haley, Bailey wrote:

“Recently, members of the Board have taken actions that may violate South Carolina’s Freedom of Information Act and have created substantial conflict within the Board itself and between the Organization and its clients.  As a result, I and other members of the Board who have objected to these activities have been subjected to intimidation and have not been provided with the information necessary to responsibly carry out our duties.

“Due to this conflict, intimidation, and lack of openness by the Board’s leadership and the organization’s management and the conflict with the parents and family members of those consumers served by GCDSNB, I do not believe that the consumers are being afforded the advocacy and protections they deserve.”

In addition to her resignation letter to Gov. Haley, Gibson wrote a letter dated May 2 to Beverly Buscemi, director of the state Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, saying:

“In my opinion there is little need for me to continue on this board because any and all decisions and actions are made by Roxie Kincannon and her friends and family. She brought in her good friend to be Chair of the Nursing Practices & Policies Committee, a committee recently created by Roxie herself acting alone. Then Roxie attempted to get the board’s approval to hire this friend at an exorbitant salary as Assistant Executive Director, a position which does not exist. Roxie unilaterally provided the board with an Interim Executive Director, Patrick Haddon, who she has attempted to have hired on a permanent basis without a proper job search. These actions were taken by providing a surprised board with scripts to follow (copies enclosed) in lieu of the proposed agenda.”

Gibson continued, “But by far the most disturbing thing to me is the involvement of Roxie Kincannon’s son Todd, a lawyer, who is now attending most if not all committee and board meetings. His influence can readily be seen in the flurry of ‘Chairman’s Rulings’ issued between February 20 and February 29, 2012, which she has asked be attached to the board minutes. I find Todd’s behavior threatening to members of the board and to the families in the audience. It is my understanding he has caused one board member to be subjected to harassing orders to provide years of emails and also records pertaining to her employment. This employment has nothing to do with GCDSNB. He has frightened clients’ family members with veiled threats of legal action and demands for personal emails.”

A spokeswoman for Buscemi said the state DDSN had received Gibson’s letter and attachments on Tuesday but had no further comment.

Gov. Nikki Haley has not commented directly to the Journal on the DSN controversy. However, at a question and answer session at a Greenville Rotary luncheon Wednesday, she said, “It sounds like you have a problem up here in the Upstate with some disabilities issues, (and) we are working closely with (County Council) on that to see what needs to be done to correct that problem.”

Todd Kincannon told the Journal he filed FOI requests for board member Maureen Kriese’s entire email account with Spartanburg School District 5 “because she uses the District 5 account to conduct board business.”

He said, “I’ll tell you one thing, there are no veiled threats of legal action. The threats of legal action are very explicit and they are going to continue as long as people are defaming innocent folks … I did not bully anyone. Have I threatened people with lawsuits? Absolutely. I have threatened people who have defamed my family and my clients with lawsuits. There is nothing wrong with threatening actionable defamation with a defamation lawsuit. That’s what lawyers are for.”

Roxie Kincannon told the Journal she acted quickly to hire Haddon because the DSN agency was in dire straits after firing former director Parker and could not afford to wait to get a new director in place. She said she had known Haddon for years and knew he had considerable financial experience. “I know him and he has the skills and talents that we need to help turn things around,” she said.

The scripts mentioned by Gibson in her letter to Buscemi were suggested by Todd Kincannon to his mother in an attempt to help her bring unruly meetings into a semblance of order, he said.

“No one was required to follow the scripts,” Roxie Kincannon said. “And they were not distributed until just before each meeting.”

Todd Kincannon told the Journal the FOI requests filed in regard to auditor Chris Clark were both in preparation for a May 15 County Council meeting scheduled with the DSN and to correct errors in Clark’s October management letter.

He said Clark criticized the DSN board for actions Clark had himself urged the board to take 18 months earlier in a “general practices” seminar. In an April 29 email to Clark, Kincannon wrote: “Withdraw your management letter to the GCDSNB that has created these problems. Send a letter to the GCDSNB explaining that potential problems with the factual basis of the letter have been brought to your attention, that you wish to investigate them and correct them if need be, and that you will re-issue a management letter after fully investigating the matters.”

Within days of receipt of that email, Clark withdrew his management letter and issued a new one and Kincannon dropped his FOI requests.

In his new management letter, Clark acknowledged that the board was acting on his advice, given 18 months earlier during a training session, when they voted to increase then executive director Parker’s authority to execute contracts without board approval from $15,000 to $75,000.

Kincannon said he sought Rep. Bikas’ help with the FOI requests because the issues involved Bikas’ constituency. Bikas, who has not attended a legislative session since early January, told the Journal last week he became involved because he wanted to help his friend Todd get to the bottom of the issues surrounding the DSN board. He was not aware of what the issues actually are.

Contacted by the Journal, South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell said Wednesday, “It is totally inappropriate for Rep. Bikas to allow anyone to use his name to make FOIA requests unless he has an intention to use the information to perform his duties as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. Since he has not attended a legislative session since January, it is highly unlikely that he plans to use any information that has been or will be gathered in his name.”

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concerned advocate  - Twitter   |2012-05-11 05:21:54
To get an idea of the caliber of character Roxie's son has, check out his
twitter page. Enough said.
Bill W.  - Todd's Twitter Page   |2012-05-11 05:56:48
Yes, take a look at Todd Kincannon's Twitter page. He has been disparaging
American Indians for the past week among others. At the end of the day, he's
just a really lousy human being and he knows it.
Defamed Citizen  - Todd's Hate of Non-WASPs   |2012-05-11 06:14:09
I would agree with the previous posters. Todd really hates anyone and everyone
who is not a white male. His twitter feed is a rampant, disgusting rampage
against women, American Indians, gay people, all people of color, and
essentially anyone who disagrees with his moral or political views. He thinks he
can say any hateful, racist, misogynistic remark he wants, and then just claim
it's a joke or "satire." How the SC Bar Association continues to allow
this cretin to practice is amazing. He should be disbarred. His character is a
black mark on the legal profession.
MrSpkr   |2013-02-03 17:18:16
Really? So you think that there should be litmus tests for lawyers who exercise
free speech? What kind of American calls for government action against an
individual expressing unpleasant ideas?

Your failure to understand or respect
our Constitution is both disheartening and sad.
Rodger Ramjet  - MrSpkr   |2013-02-04 12:37:09
The bar association has a higher standard than the 1st amendment. As part of the
bar assn pledge:

I will remember my responsibilities to serve as an officer of
the court and protector of individual rights.

And this...

I will honor the
spirit and intent, as well as the requirements, of the applicable
rules or code
of professional conduct...

The fact that you defend that racist that you call
an attorney is a sad testament of your understanding of the intent and heritage
of the USC.
Concerned Citizen  - Why is Todd involved anyway?   |2012-05-11 06:35:51
Todd Kincannon has no standing other than being Roxie's son. The GCDSNB Board
has an attorney on retainer getting a monthly fee. Oh, wait - the attorney is
the husband of the Connie Holmes who was a highly paid consultant following her
resignation as Board Chair. Hmm, conflict of interest?
Disbeliever  - Who's kidding who?   |2012-05-11 07:07:33
"The agency was in dire straits after firing Brent Parker" and couldn't
wait to hire another Executive Director Roxie stated. Parker was fired Thursday
night and Haddon showed up at 7 a.m. on Friday morning with Roxie & another
board member who introduced him as the new ED. Obviously this was all in place
prior to Parker's firing. Too bad she forgot to let the other Board members in
on her plan. Facts are facts - not defamation.
Advocate  - Conflict of Interest   |2012-05-11 07:13:53
Isn't there another conflict of interest if Todd Kincannon is friends with
Patrick Haddon? Isn't that a little suspicious too? It amazes me that a man like
Todd Kincannon can still be in good standing with the SC Bar Association, if
anyone looks at his Twitter page it is nothing but racial/sexual harassment.
Anonymous   |2012-05-11 13:57:39
They are terminating or denoting employees only to replace them with personal
acquaintances with absolutely no education/experience working with special
bexcee   |2013-02-03 19:08:05
Wow. Sounds familiar. Like the current President's Jobs Council.
Walt  - Todd the Racist   |2012-05-11 07:42:40
Todd's Twitter feed matches what he looks like in that photo above. A big pile
of excrement. Seriously, look at this loser. A hack lawyer with a big
mouth...and go figure, his mom is no better.
Paul Azinger  - Todd and Global Warming   |2012-05-11 08:12:01
I used to be a non-believer with respect to global warming. Seriously, check out
my twitter feed and you'll see that I just thought it was a big joke. But times
have changed, and so have my views. The question remained, however, what was
causing global warming. That question remained until now. Todd Kincannon and his
mother blowing hot air is the direct cause of global warming. Todd blows hot air
on Twitter to the tune of 50,000+ tweets, and he and his mommy blow hot air at
local board meetings to the point of causing people to resign as a result of the
harassment they suffer. These two must be stopped. Our planet's health depends
on it!
Todd's Stomach  - Please stop feeding me!   |2012-05-11 08:51:12
Hi there. This is Todd's stomach. I wish he would stop eating so much. I'm
getting tired of having to try and digest everything and there is so much coming
down his throat all the time that I have to convert it to fat. Look at what he
has done to me. His mouth is always open. And the snoring and the farting. Don't
get me started.
South Carolina Bar  - Standards   |2012-05-11 09:05:15
Here at the South Carolina Bar, we have, literally, no standards. Never has this
been more evident than by the fact that James John Todd Kincannon is a member in
good standing. Seriously. Check out this guy's Twitter feed: @ToddKincannon.
It's a perfect snapshot of everything that is wrong with America. Hateful tweets
about women, Native Americans, gays, blacks, the transgendered...really,
anything that is not white and does not have a penis. All while actively
informing his followers and those he attacks that he is a member of our
"great" bar and directing them to his law practice in Columbia. I mean,
sincerely, can you imagine any state allowing someone this awful, despicable,
disreputable, and pathetic to practice before its honorable courts? Can you? I
can't imagine you can. We can't. In fact, if we had any standards at all, we'd
disbar this cretin without someone filing a complaint. We're considering a new
South Carolina Bar  - Standards, continued   |2012-05-11 09:07:58
...slogan; drop us a line to tell us what you think. The South Carolina Bar:
Proudly Represented By Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Fear/Hatemonger Todd
Kincannon Since 2007!
Disability Advocate  - Really?   |2012-05-11 09:27:11
He posted on his own facebook, "Apparently they can't use leashes on
retarded children. WTF?" Which he followed up with, "Yeah, like that's
some kind of rule. No shock collars either. How ridiculous is that?" Both
posted on December 7, 2011. How can this guy have ANYTHING to do with a
disabilities agency?
Here's a hint  - The reason for the scripts   |2012-05-11 10:24:43
The real reason Roxie had to start using scripts is because she can't express
herself without contempt and venom at anyone who disagrees with her or tries to
insert sanity into the Board meetings. It was only after she became Chair that a
lawyer had to be present at the meetings b/c she doesn't know how to run a
meeting. See that dumb look on her face in the picture? That's her usual
expression. The acorn & tree...
Glad to hear  - Finally   |2012-05-11 10:29:41
When the first 4 members of the Board resigned after Parker's abrupt firing,
Roxie called them the "troublemakers" who the board is better off
without. Now two of Roxie's minions have finally seen the woman for the
power-hungry, out of control woman for what she is. If only the remaining
members will wake up and resign also. The agency was on its way to break even
when Roxie abruptly fired Parker. Finances had NOTHING to do with his firing.
bringparkerback  - Bring Mr. Parker Back   |2012-05-11 10:45:03
It's sickening to think Haddon is getting credit for the hard work done since
June by Mr. Parker and the senior management...including the three of five who
were terminated. It is inconceivable how Haddon eliminated the wonderful Day
Director. She was a true gem. Now they fired the new finance director? Bring
back Parker, Edmonds and Ms. Miller.
Never Stop Advocating  - DDSN must act NOW!   |2012-05-11 13:22:57
I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of Roxie and Todd as well as the
previous chairwoman Connie Holmes. They have destroyed an agency that has many
hard working employees that have given years of service. 17 years in this field
and and I appalled by such blatant fraud, corruption and immoral behavior by the
very hands that were appointed to protect our individuals. They afforded an
outrageous contract to Connie at time when they denied outings, cut grocery
budgets, having individuals shop at thrift stores, made homes choose between
having a Christmas party or Thanksgiving party with family because there was no
money. Staffing was drastically cut back, salaried employees were working 2-3
positions without compensation. They have terminated employees with years of
service and knowledge and hired people to Senior Management positions with no
experience or education. Imagine taking your child to school and finding out
Never Stop Advocating   |2012-05-11 13:33:47
*sorry about the errors...typing while aggravated not a good combo!
Never Stop Advocating   |2012-05-11 13:30:47
principal was
terminated and replaced with an man who was Manager for a
landscaping business, the teachers were replaced with Directors of operations
for chopping tree's or cable company? All taxpayers should be outraged they are
stealing funds and using them for their own personal gain.  They are all
corrupt!  DDSN needs to step in take over and there should be an investigation
by state and federal authorities.  I feel for the parents and feel for the
individuals who are being denied the best quality care because they people
running the board with absolutely no knowledge of how to serve them!
Anonymous   |2012-05-11 14:03:00
Everyone is afraid to say anything out of fear of losing their jobs. This clan
is evil and corrupt. They are hiring all their pets to cover up their tracks!
May GOD have mercy on them!
Anonymous Disabled Lesbian Nat  - Todd Told Me Why He's Siccing His Mommy On Us   |2012-05-11 15:06:48
I'm a disabled Native-American lesbian who frequently relies on the assistance
of the GCDSN and its Board to provide me with the things I need to make my life
easier. I started looking into why Todd and his mother might be working so hard
to destroy the board and cause people like me to suffer. Well, first things
first I went to Todd's Twitter page to see if I could learn anything. I was
shocked and appalled to see his frequent ravings attacking women, gays, native
Americans, blacks, and literally any minority group you can imagine. Well,
suffice it to say, it is clear why Todd would girthily sit alongside his mother
and destroy this board. He is an awful human being. Also, he accused the author
of this article of supporting child pornography in an attempt to stop Mr.
Sowell's freedom of speech and the Greenville Journal's freedom of press.
Harold Smith  - Now it makes since   |2012-05-20 04:39:06
As a board member, during one of our Developemeet Committee meetings, a case of
abuse on a young male cunsumer was discussed. Roxie asks, " was it a male or
female that committed this act"? I said, "what does it matter"? She
and board member Bena Lease could not believe that I would ask such a question,
citing that a male on male would be much worse than female on male. Somehow I
thought the issue was abuse. I must have been mistaken.
concerned employee  - Know the real truth   |2012-05-11 15:18:59
Racism runs rampage in the agency. Look at the new QA Director, a personal
friend of Haddon's and another one with no prior experience. It is truly sad
that the attention that is really needed is inside of those residences.
Consumers are dressed poorly, their food is horrible and unhealthy. Nurses
haven't a clue about their medications and side effects. It is a travasty that
those that cannot care for themselves have to depend on people with no
experience in consumer care, poor training is given to the staff when they are
initially hired. This agency needs to be revamped from the top to the bottom.
Gov. Haley won't do anything because Haddon is one of her puppies. Roxie should
be put out to pasture along with her son who should be disbarred. HADDON AND HIS
Abuse occurs daily
and depending on who is involved determines wheter or not it is reported to SLED
or even ...
Anonymous   |2012-05-11 16:12:44
The agency is in a financial crisis and severe shortage in direct care staff and
a major concern when Haddon took over was determining if the grass had been cut,
shrubs trimmed and mulch been put down at the facilities. Next step to hand
out landscaping contracts to their personal connections.
Todd's Morality and Roxie's So   |2012-05-12 04:36:31
Anonymous  - All politically and personally connected   |2012-05-12 11:10:16
The new QA Director assisting with the Christmas tree at the state house y-trees-arrive-at-state.html
Carolyn O'Connell  - Intimination of board members and advocates   |2012-05-13 09:26:09
What are these people struggling to cover up? What is seen on the surface is
troubling - harassment, intimidation, cronyism, and isolation. What are they
fighting so hard to hide?
The surface has only been scratched.
D.L. ' Stewart  - Holmes, Kincannon and Haddon should all be arrest   |2012-05-13 14:56:46
Connie and her Attorney husband, Roxie and her Attorney son Todd, and Patrick
Haddon are nothing more than intimidating rogish bullies. These people are also
nothing more than wetback rednecks. That is the worst of the worst! Nikki Haley
taking just a little bit too long to act. The majority of the consumers are
very greatful that there are actually staff who give a damn about them. They
should have not have to suffer at the expense of these people. The staffers are
fearful for their jobs, and really don't know where to turn any more. And of all
people Todd Kincannon, this racist Attorney!!!! WOW!!!!He as well as Connie's
husband should be disbarred. Neither should hold any position w/ the South
Carolina Bar. They should not even be allowed to clean the damn toilet bowls.
PERIOD! These folks have worked together and eliminated way too many jobs all to
ask for 1 position to be created for Holmes, really??? And furthermore, Tod...
Haywood Jablomey  - Losers   |2012-05-14 02:17:35
Todd and his mom are the two biggest losers on the planet. Look at that photo of
them. Roxie and that dumb absent look on her face and her fat Baby Huey son
Todd. What a large pile of dung. How is that two retards like this have any
standing in society other than drooling over a take out window at McDonalds?
Clearly, Todd has eaten a lot of McDonalds in his life, so much that the fat has
clogged his brain. I will be at the next board meeting so I can take a large
dump on both Todd and his mom. I'm sure Todd would love to eat some poo and
Roxie can feed it to him.
Jack   |2013-01-12 07:49:00
PLEASE do not use the word "retard" - it is totally a word that offends
me, my family and my special daughter!!!!
Roxie's Facebook   |2012-05-14 03:22:39
It even says on my facebook profile that my interests include "plotting and

*so much for having morals.
Anonymous  - president, FANS   |2012-05-14 06:45:06
It is all as we have been saying for several years now. I would be ashamed to
allow this to continue. I hope county council is up to standing for what is
right and honest.
Gretchen Robinson
Anonymous  - Advocacy Activist and Parent.   |2012-05-14 10:10:06
I am shocked and saddened to read what is coming out of Greenville SC concerning
GCDSN. Mr. Todd Kincannon should be brought up on legal charges immediately for
abusing his power as a lawyer. He has no standing at those meetings and from his
own mouth admits to the harassment alleged by other board members. Ms. Kincannon
should be removed along with her friends and barred from any position of
authority paid or volunteer in the near future. Rep. Eric Bikas should also be
reprimanded for allowing Todd Kincannon to use his name for anything. this is
nothing but authority run a muck. The people with disabilities and their
families are suffering at the hands of these thugs. I am appalled to read that
this saga is allowed to continue with no intervention. Governor Haley where are
you?????? People's civil rights are being violated and they are afraid. Bullies
don't just exist in schools.
D.L. STEWART  - ROXIE'S COMMENT   |2012-05-14 12:32:02
Roxie responded with what is on her FB page, however, she forgot to include her
hobbies as stealing and bullying! I am sure her & Connie having a good laugh
about this one! Good thing they are not too far apart from each other.
Concerned Employee  - Truth   |2012-05-16 05:17:41
Want to know the real truth why there are so many medication errors? It is
because the nursing staff has been cut down to bare bones and a third party
agency has been hired to fill in for coverage. These nurses have no training
with our specific clients and no corrective action cannot be taken with them
because they do not work for us, we are just contracted with them. The simple
fact is that there needs to be more nurses and Patrick Haddon, Roxi Kincannon
and Connie Holmes ALL need to find a new hobby and get back to the farm. This
organization is better off without them. The only people suffering here are the
consumers that need these services. Staff stay to care for the consumers but do
not know where to turn for support. These pushy manipulative lying Interim ED,
board members and attorney need to be stopped before it gets even worse. I never
thought there would be such heartless people than those that neglect, abuse and
Concerned Employee  - truth   |2012-05-16 05:19:34
steal from people with disabilities. Apparently I was wrong. They are the
Interim ED,Roxie Kincannon and Connie Holmes. There is so much that is not being
told here from these people and you have to ask why. Why isn't someone asking
Anonymous  - County Council-Do Something!!!   |2012-05-16 14:08:41
How long will the fraud be allowed to continue? How long will the consumer's be
put last? How long will it take? The fact is Mr. Haddon does not meet agency
qualifications or state qualifications to be ED the why is he allowed to
continue as interim? As interim he is personally accountable to make health
care decisions and service decisions for several individuals who do not have a
Anonymous  - cont.   |2012-05-16 14:15:29
How can a person make these decisions when he has no education or experience
working with people who have intellectual, physical and mental disabilities?
DDSN needs to take control and prevent this from happening to any other
consumers who depend on the ED to make informed decisions on their behalf. Mr.
Haddon is not working as a CEO for some money driven business. The consumer's
health, safety and well being are much more valuable. I'm curious who trained
Anonymous  - Shocked!!   |2012-05-16 17:37:26
I have read all of the articles over the past several months, hoping to hear a
glimmer of hope for the people served by GCDSNB. When county council decided to
appoint the ad hoc commite, I thought " finally" someone on this
committee will speak to employees and gather information that will allow them to
make informed, decent and moral decisions. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be
the case. I ask why hasn't
this comitee spoken to anyone in

middle management
or direct care
staff? If this committee would do so

they would find out
1-financial problems with the agency have existed for years.
board has been aware of these issues all along.
3- during an audit of finances
in October 2011, several questions arose about the paid consultant position
created for Connie Holmes.
4- shortly thereafter Ms Holmes expertise were no
longer needed. This decision was made by the former ED Brent Parker. "better
Anonymous  - Shocked   |2012-05-16 17:45:44
Late then never.

Budget cuts to direct care staff followed, then grocery and
finally huge cuts in the nursing department. The medication errors that the
Interim ED is speaking about from 2008 are not even medication errors that were
from nursing department. These are medication errors made by medication
technicians in houses that do not require nursing on a daily basis. In fact one
of the positions that was eliminated was created a few years ago as a solution
to these problems as a an of correction.
Observer  - Medication Technicians   |2012-05-24 12:36:00
Medication Technicians were given the ability to pass medication in facilities
that are not intermediate or skilled care such as assisted living facilities,
community training homes (CTHs), etc...through a waiver from the SC Board of
Nursing....supposedly there is a shortage of nurses...hmmmm. These medication
techs have minimal training and are passing medication and administering
scheduled insulin...although they cannot give sliding scale insulin... (Skilled
and Acute care nursing requires 2 nurses to verify insulin has been pulled from
the correct vial and the correct dose has been pulled for administration.) Do we
expect non-licensed staff not make errors??? Nurses are required to take a whole
semester of pharmacology and several classes on giving medication and injections
before they are allowed to give meds and injections with an instructor present.
GCDSNB actually has or had one of the better medication technician classes...
Anonymous  - Shocked   |2012-05-16 18:01:10
Numerous other extremely important positions have either been eliminated or the
employees that held that potition have been abruptly fired. Meaning that even
that employees own boss did nor know the reason they were terminated. All of the
position as stated previously in earlier posts have been filled with personal
friends of the new ED. And yes these people do not have the qualifications
needed for these positions. In addition it seems that these new employees do not
have to attend mandatory training as all of the other employees in the agency
do. What we have now is a group of individuals that do not have to follow any
policies at all. In addition the positions were either never posted or were not
interviewed for.
Heidi   |2012-05-17 04:46:56
Heidi  - Article   |2012-05-17 04:47:31
Heidi   |2012-05-17 07:22:57
Maybe a third attempt at a post will be the charm... Interesting, informative
article. Sad, sad situation for the wonderful individuals served by GCDSNB.
Observer  - Governor Needs to Act   |2012-05-23 16:48:02
Connie Holmes seems to be setting a pattern. She was on the GCDSNB several years
ago and began her reign of terror....everyone breathed a sigh of relief when she
finally finished her term....much to our dismay....she was once again appointed
to the GCDSNB...NIGHTMARE!!! It has been my personal observation that she has
absolutely no interest in disabled adults....Whoever keeps nominating her to
this board needs to open their eyes and realize you are an accomplice in giving
her the power to take advantage of and making everyone that is disabled or
caring for them absolutely miserable. Wake up Gov. Haley!! Get rid of the whole
lot! The staff at GCDSNB really cares. Connie Holmes is no expert or consultant.
Observer  - GCDSNB Nursing Consultant   |2012-05-24 12:20:40
Having a nursing license does not make a nurse qualified to be a consultant. If
they really need a consultant, they should advertise and get a qualified person!
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