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APRIL 19, 2012 10:46 a.m. Comments (28)

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Rather than spend hours in the car traveling to Columbia’s Dorn VA Medical Center for routine therapy and treatment, more Upstate veterans will soon be able to stay close to home for medical care at a new outpatient VA clinic slated to open next year.

Officials broke ground this week on a 77,000-square-foot facility in Greenville designed to provide services to more Upstate veterans.

With increasing numbers of veterans requiring ongoing treatment for everything from head injuries to post-traumatic stress disorder, the larger clinic (20,000 more square feet than the current facility) and additional staff will be able to treat more veterans and reduce waiting time for services.

According to the VA, Greenville’s current VA clinic, which opened in 1985 and moved to the present location on Augusta Road in 1992, was originally projected to serve 20,000 veterans and now has nearly 50,000 visits annually. The new facility will provide primary care services along with dental and pharmaceutical services for an estimated 17,000 local veterans.

The new $30 million clinic will be located near Greenville Hospital at 951 Grove Road, and is scheduled to open in spring 2013. It is designed to be certified as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver and will include naturally lit sitting areas, along with a landscaped green space.

George Blevins, Director of Greenville County Veterans Affairs, said the new clinic will offer more convenient care for the estimated 38,000 veterans in Greenville County. “It appears to be a super-organized facility and from the front door on it looks very accessible,” he says.

Inadequate parking at the current clinic will be resolved with 400 parking spaces at the new clinic. The proximity to the hospital is also more convenient, Blevins said. “I love the location; it’s so easy to explain to a veteran where it is.” He adds that veterans who may not have sought care before may be attracted to the new facility.

Greenville County Council chairman and veteran Butch Kirven said the new clinic “was badly needed and is a blessing to the veterans and their families of the Upstate. Those who serve make a commitment to go where they are told to go, and to do what they are told to do, no matter the danger, personal discomfort or separation from loved ones.

“We remain a free nation of free citizens because they carry out this commitment. In return, as citizens, our commitment to them is to always do our best to heal their wounds and give them what they need. This new VA clinic is a tangible example of our commitment to the veterans.”


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David Getsinger  - New VA Clinic Greenville SC   |2012-04-23 14:04:37
Congrats to Greenville on the new clinic. Will the new VA Clinic still be
scheduled to come on line in Anderson?
Asheley  - Referral Coordinator   |2012-07-29 15:13:14
As a Ssgt in the Air Force Reserves, I am overwhelmed with joy of the idea that
Veterans will no longer have to travel to Columbia for routine services that the
upstate has every capability to provide. EXCELLENT IDEA!!
Asheley  - New VA Clinic Greenville SC   |2012-07-29 15:15:47
As a SSgt in the Air Force Reserves, I am overwhelmed with joy of the idea that
Veterans will no longer have to travel to Columbia for routine services that the
upstate has every capability to provide. EXCELLENT IDEA!!!
Rebecca C. Talley   |2012-09-20 15:23:44
Will there be a dental clinic at the new VA center. If so, where can I apply
for Dental Assistant Job. My husband is a Vet. and I am very qualified.
Asheley  - USAFR   |2012-11-20 15:41:01
Marilyn Duck  - Jobs   |2012-09-23 15:42:35
I work in payroll looking for a parttime job in april of 2013

anything parttime
in this new company i can do.Where Do I apply for an application

Marilyn Duck  - Job   |2012-09-23 15:44:07
I'm looking for a parttime jobs with the new veteran hospital.Where can I apply
to fill out a application

R. Johnson  - Coding Specialist   |2012-10-04 02:45:48
I am happy to see that a facility of this nature is coming to Greenville,SC
Cyndi Trotter  - Job   |2012-10-08 09:31:27
Where can I apply for a job at the new clinic?
Asheley   |2012-11-20 15:39:55
Toni  - nurse   |2013-03-15 05:18:10
No jobs posted as of 3/13/13 at or, any suggestions for
job hunting
mungy  - show me results   |2012-10-08 11:32:47
I am a Vietnam era veteran living in Greenville and the current situation is
very unacceptable.
A couple nurse practitionsers, a doctor, by appointment only,
and not a bit of help with transportation.
I gave up trying to get care,
haven't seen a "real" doctor in 6 years.

While change is long overdue,
talk is very cheap:
When this new clinic opens I will find out quickly if they
provide good service, or just more burdon on the taxpayers.

Janice McCuen  - employment   |2012-10-20 01:41:12
I wanted to know where me and several of my piers can apply for jobs. We
currently work in one of the biggest healthcare facilites in the upstate and are
interested in becoming valuable resources for you. We range from nurses to
Health Information Management specailists. Please give me a website where we can
apply for either the Greenville or Anderson facility.
Asheley  - USAFR   |2012-11-20 15:38:35
You can find the jobs on USAJOBS.GOV whenever they post them. I check it weekly,
but nothing as of yet. They will probably not post until late Winter or early
Deborah  - RN   |2012-11-29 00:12:20
I have looked on and there are not any jobs listed yet for new
facility, does anyone know when these jobs will be posted or when they will
start taking apps.
Asheley  - USAFR   |2013-01-16 06:40:27
They will probably not be posted until early or late Spring. Looks as if they
are getting the practioners hired first b/c of all the credentialing required
for them to practice.
jeanne bryant   |2013-01-18 04:21:42
this is absolutely wonderful:)
BB  - Medical Billing   |2013-01-18 08:42:46
Will there be any medical billing and insurance billing available at the new
clinic. I am an AWESOME medical biller and amazing with insurance and getting
claims paid. I love patients and love being around people
Liz Williams  - PT   |2013-02-03 11:02:14
Will there be a Physical Therapy clinic?
Jami McReynolds  - Mrs J McReynolds   |2013-03-07 02:45:15
Will this new VA include annual exams for woman so we don't have to go to
Columbia for this?
Jami McReynolds  - Mrs J McReynolds   |2013-03-07 02:46:48
Will this new VA include annual exams for woman so we don't have to go to
Columbia for this?
Bruce Lawrence  - Bruce   |2013-05-01 16:08:46
Can't wait for the new facility. Hopefully you will send direction on how to get
there. I'm sure you will. Thanks
Odell W>Vaughn  - Deputy Sexutery V.A.Retired   |2013-05-30 11:18:52
As a 30 Year employ of VA I am very leased to see that such a
fine Facility is
planned for this area I am now 91 Years old
neve am that I and other Veterans
will not have to travela distance for our Medical care.
george brown   |2013-08-31 05:27:38
Is the new clinic open yet and where is the location
Erik   |2013-07-18 04:13:10
Any word on the new clinic?
Leslie Page  - Applying for jobs   |2013-10-03 05:57:32
I have 15 years of expierence working in medical offices. And would like to know
how to apply. I have expiernce in front office as well as my CMA and expierence
in working patients up checking vitals and assisting doctors with procedures.
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Donald Doty  - Retired AF   |2014-02-02 06:38:12
Do you have a phone number so I can call for an appointment?
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