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OCTOBER 30, 2011 10:35 a.m. Comments (3)

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Scott Towers, the 14-story apartment complex for senior citizens and the disabled on Augusta Street, is one step closer to being demolished.

On Monday, Greenville City Council authorized the Greenville Housing Authority to apply for a permit from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to demolish the high-rise.

The tower was built in 1972.

A study conducted by Langley and Associates in June put the cost to fix the building at $12 million, or 62 percent of its value.

Residents were told on Oct. 3 of the demolition plans.

Housing Authority officials plan to ask for voluntary relocations of 81 residents of the Garden Apartments, a mid-rise building behind the tower, to make room for displaced Scott Towers residents.

The Housing Authority will help Scott Towers tenants find new housing. The first relocations are expected to start in November and the entire tower should be vacated by September 2012.

After all the tenants are relocated, the tower will be demolished.

The Housing Authority plans to redevelop the site with mixed-income housing, some for seniors.

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William Turville  - demolition insanity   |2011-11-01 05:06:36
$12,000,000 divided by the number of units in the building (200? more?)is less
than $60,000 per unit, much less than a new unit would cost to build. Then
there is the cost of demolition and redevelopment to make new units. THEN
consider the "embodied energy" of the time/labor/materials in the
existing building. Even at "62% of building value", fixing the building
to provide housing is a better and cheaper (and more 21st century)way to go. The
building is even relatively attractive! This particular demolition just seems
wrong to me.
WST, architect, Massachusetts
Anonymous   |2013-07-14 15:29:57
What a waste,its only 40years old! In NYC,this would be "new".They CAN
revamp and give this nice looking tower a new life.It would ost MUCH,MUCH more
to demo and build a newone!!!
Russ  - demolition epidemic for 50's-70's modern buildings   |2014-01-19 13:43:46
This is happening nationwide. Truly modern, concrete, steel & glass buildings
are being demolished. It's always easy to find a.. 'problem' that is too
expensive to repair. Mold is a fav. Or - asbestos. Or, the windows aren't
efficient and it costs too much to retrofit.

BUT!! How can the truly old &
rickety buildings from decades earlier - remain and aren't too expensive to
'update'? LOOK IT UP! Look at the modern buildings being destroyed. From
universities to hospitals & schools, and in between. And no one can stop this!
Even El Paso's modern city hall was destroyed - demolished. Even a modern,
concrete, extremely well constructed Veteran's Memorial Civic Center, built in
mid 1950's - demolished.
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