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“Surprise, I entered you to be on the The Bachelorette. It’s not a prank.”

That’s all Bailey Klemz could think to say to her brother, Blake Julian, a 27-year-old dentist who lives in Greenville. He had already heard the news from ABC’s casting department for the show, who let him know his sister sent in his name and photos.

From Steamboat Springs, Colo., Julian moved to South Carolina partly because of his enthusiasm for golf. He attended the University of Kansas for an undergraduate degree in human biology and furthered his education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry.

Julian said he had previously only watched The Bachelorette once or twice. His sister, however, said she’s been a regular viewer for years. During countless episodes, she said she was reminded of Julian because of something one of the guys said or did and, for that reason, thought he’d be a perfect fit for the show. She mentioned it to him several times but he was uninterested.

“So one night when I was bored and the commercial came on advertising how to go online and enter a contestant, I stole a couple of photos from his Facebook page and sent them in, never thinking he’d really make it,” she said.

Since months had passed by the time Klemz got the call from an ABC producer, she said she had forgotten about entering Julian. And she never mentioned it to him because she figured thousands of guys submitted applications. She said, “I thought, ‘What are the chances?’”

Apparently really good for Julian as he’ll make his appearance during the season premier on ABC at 9 p.m. (usually at 8 p.m.) on May 23.

“I never planned on going on the show. I decided to participate because I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience. I figured if I were lucky, I’d get to travel and if I were really lucky, I’d meet the woman of my dreams,” he said.

Their mom encouraged Julian to take advantage of the opportunity, Klemz said, but Julian went back and forth about his decision.

“I wasn’t sure if he’d do it or not. He’s kind of shy but then he’s got this amazing personality and he’s fun to be around. I’m really happy he decided to do it,” she said.

“The timing was right for me so everything worked out,” said Julian, “but it’s tough to say if I’d do it all again. In the future, taking time off probably won’t be an option.”

Family, friends and fans are left to speculate until August whether Julian is the one bachelor out of 25 who was chosen by Ashley Hebert, a dental student returning to television soon after landing in the top three runners-up on The Bachelor. Klemz said, “I’m telling everyone they have to watch The Bachelorette because my brother’s on it. I mean, he could be with her and we don’t even know it. We just have to wait and watch along with everyone else to find out what happened, where he got to travel and if he’s the one.”

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