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Break out

by Cindy Landrum

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Guess what this is.

Nobody gets hurt.

That’s what happens when photographers break out of their comfort zones and experiment with something new, former professional jazz musician turned nature photographer Tony Sweet told a group of nature photographers meeting in Greensboro, N.C., last weekend.

While many nature photographers prefer a literal style of photography, Sweet incorporates the improvisational, spontaneous and abstract nature of jazz into his image.

Sweet, who has been named a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, uses a slight movement of the camera to give a landscape image a painterly feel. He uses a Lensbaby to give a flower shot a soft, mostly out-of-focus look. And he uses computer software to turn a blasé, otherwise pretty unusable image into fine art.

And he makes it work.

I’m sure many of the photographers who attended the Carolina Nature Photographers Association annual meeting will be inspired to try something new or use a technique they’ve never tried before because of Sweet’s presentation. I know I will.

After all, in the digital age of photography, a press of a button on the back of the camera erases all evidence of experiments that don’t work.

And, as Sweet says, nobody gets hurt.

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