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The world of photography uncovered

by Cindy Landrum

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I was looking for something to fill the void left after my kids had grown and left home.

I bought a digital camera so I could rediscover photography, an interest I had ignored for the better part of two decades save the predictable snapshots from a point-and-shoot camera documenting birthday parties, youth soccer games and the Christmas gift-opening frenzy.

During the past three years or so, photography has occupied my time and money. But photography has done so much more.

Ironically, after I started looking through the small rectangular viewfinder of my Nikon D300, I actually began noticing so much more of the world around me and seeing its beauty.

Sometimes, beauty is presented in an obvious and awe-inspiring way. Who can deny the beauty of a fog-filled valley, the view from the overlook at Caesar’s Head or even a precious baby?

Other times, we have to search for it in items often we otherwise overlook as we hurry from one meeting to the next, or running from one kid’s soccer game to the other’s dance class.

Although it can be way beneath the surface, there is beauty somewhere in that decaying building, that reflection, that aged face.

Looking through the viewfinder has forced me to slow down and really see. It’s something I do now even without a camera in my hands.

And I like what I see.

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4 Responses to “The world of photography uncovered”

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  2. Al Cleveland says:

    For me, photography has been a means to cope with the pain of loosing my wife and best friend of 31 years. I have discovered a whole world of awesome beauty in light and shadows that I had never noticed before.

    I am utterly amazed how a slight movement in the angle, or change in intensity or hue can dramatically alter an image. I have found many times that taking another look at another time can reveal hidden beauty in most any subject. My camera has become an integral part of me, a tool to extract the nectar of life from the world around me.

  3. I really love what you said. I feel the same about my work, seeing the world differently, however I do it with paint. The original photos I use for my paintings look nothing like your though!

  4. Chuck the Cat says:

    I still think you owe it all to your dad…..

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